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Viruta Cop 2 - PC Review and Full Download

Modes single player, multiplier. If being a hero is not on your agenda, you can be as evil as you want by taking as many kneecap and head shots as you like and sending the evil scum to their deaths.

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The gun will be a pack-in with the game for the true arcade experience. Good nice to meet you admin. Yet cops with fast trigger fingers will score well, too, since players get bonus points if they can nail a thug three times before he falls. There are a few neat elements like interactive backgrounds, but they do not keep the game from getting old after a few times through.

These shots are, of course, harder to hit but they are fun to try just to liven up the commando style. Although the stunner adds a touch of realism, many players will honestly find this game easier and more fun to play with the keypad, however. Overall, your best option is to try the game out for yourself and determine which one you prefer. When you see in the stages you will feel the car drivings the Villon of the game will attack you standing on the building you need to shoot them as high as they are standing. Classic Solitaire Pc Download.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. The practice screens are fun for two people to compete against one another in. This is still a good improvement over the original game, and the translation to the home market went very well, with all the playability you'd expect from Sega.

Virtua Cop is so far the closest a Saturn game has come to duplicating the arcade. Only a true gamer would love this story because it is so simple and easy to play you just need to kill your enemies in the mall and free the citizens from them. New Edition Popcorn Love Download.

Virtua Cop 2 Free Download PC Game

Seizure warnings Photosensitive seizure warning. It has great graphics and cool gameplay, but it gets old. When will people learn to leave great things alone. This is a shooting game whereas wornmouse you may sport.

Players earn Justice Shot points every time they shoot the gun out of a bad guy's hand, while regular body shots earn fewer points. For instance, players will blast away at enemies during a high-speed car chase and clamber around on the roof of a subway. The easy mission, called the Big Chase, has the virtua cops busting in on a jewelry store robbery. Many games like this suffer because there is no gun peripheral, or it's not even worth the money.

It is just like a House Of The Dead which is also a shooting game. But I got to lock and load firsthand with Sega's new gun, the Stunner.

The second mission is set on a cruise ship, where players will battle poolside punks and a galley full of bad guys. Most of them just increase the capacity of your weapon, but some are full auto, continuously firing while the button is held down. Download Manager Pc Full Version.

Background a few items region unit appears. Single game mode Multiplayer Hotseat. Game Iklan Software Tukar Link. Just watch this video you will get what type of game is this then its all on you to get it for your computer or not choice upon on you.

The graphics look great, and the accuracy of the light gun is near-perfect. How you found the violation and any other useful info. Wah komputer saya kuat gak ya? Pada akhir setiap tingkat ada pertempuran bos, serta satu tambahan pertempuran bos akhir setelah semua tiga tingkat telah selesai.

Viruta Cop 2 - PC Review and Full Download

Unless you memorize the levels, you are bound to eliminate at least one-third of all the civilians-or all of them depending what kind of mood you are in. All the Russian robbers combined with the American robbers and have planning to search the top banks in different U. With only three levels, any fairly good gamer will be able to play through Virtua Cop in a short amount of time.

The main problem with Virtua Cop is the length of the game. Talk about a game with a large body count. This is a surprisingly great translation from the arcade to a home system. Ini adalah tugas pemain untuk menembak penjahat yang muncul sebelum waktu habis dan mereka menembak kembali.

If your dont know how to Download this game, just Click Here! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Although memorization of the level does help. Robbery game is quite different from the other sniper assassin and shooting games because you just have light gun to kill and shoot the criminals in just one life.

Every time people demands torrent links but we also providing you direct links so you can also get it with different types of links and setup. But that's okay-both arcade games represent the best of the light-gun genre. Khabardar Movie p Download Free. Its an actual rail shooter and it plays well on mouse pad controller. This is the title of your second post.

Virtual cops will also stumble upon weapon power-ups-such as the shotgun and machine gun-by shooting garbage cans, boxes and other background objects. Players look through the eyes of a virtual cop and pop any polygon bad guys who leap onto the screen, act of valor movie online no making sure not to nail any innocent bystanders in the process. And its faster gameplay will no doubt satisfy the virtual cop in all of us.

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This is a very close translation to the arcade hit. You lose one health point when you kill one of these so-called innocent bystanders. Your email address will not be published. You even get bonus points for shooting their gun hands or nailing them with multiple hits.

Lam kenal lam bloger mampir. He complies the large no of evidence and also take the special task force to kill and shoot these criminals. Everything is clear and bright, not letting you wonder where you are getting hit from. Permainan ini memiliki tiga tingkat di mana gerakan pemain yang otomatis pada jalur yang telah ditentukan.

The Saturn version retains all the features that set the coin-op apart from other light-gun games. The first Sega game to make use of the new Stunner, Virtua Cop could be the best arcade-to-home-system conversion yet for the Saturn. Virtua Cop is surprisingly short, with only three levels to it. Download Now This game is freeware. Language supported English United States.