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These audio files may be copied to give away to others. After retiring from the pastorate, he set up radio headquarters in Pasadena, and the radio ministry expanded rapidly. Please copy and give away. In order for this to work, you must copy these scripture readings into the same folder as Dr. You must make a complete copy of the recording, including this message.

Select the audio Bible you are interested in from the drop down Bible menu at the top of the page or from the links below. McGee and journey through the whole Word of God. What are modern readers supposed to do with them, and why are some of them so odd? Sadly, most web-sites don't provide this information.

You can begin the study at any time. Explore Bible Videos Seen our videos and want more?

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Helping to provide free legal audio scriptures is one of the best kingdom investments you can make! This is a giant help with Roman Catholic Bible study - listen as you drive or do light chores!

Free Audio Bibles in MP3 Format

The different between the two is that in the Dramatized version there is background music. Permission for audio use is from an authorized source. In this video, we explore this paradoxical character and discover how he prepares us for the grand claims that will be made about Jesus in the New Testament.

The storyline of the Bible presents a populated spiritual world, full of creatures who are in rebellion against their Creator, just like humans. We also enjoy reading our own Catholic Douay Rheims Bible book while we listen. This means you get to listen to the audio without the need of internet. New American Standard Bible. Thru the Bible Episode Reminder Get a sneak-peek into each new show, delivered straight to your inbox!

Many advanced features are coming up with the application which makes it ideal for all android mobile phones. Only the Bible is the final authority, and it must be kept close at hand during any Bible study. You can also listen to it while driving or doing light chores. The New Living Translation. Support Free Audio Bibles!

McGee's Bible Studies, program excel 2007 he is still only human. Playlist for Audio Bible Versions There is a playlist option for you. Have you ever wondered why there are so many ancient biblical laws in the first books of the Bible?

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After completing his education including a Th. You may not charge any more than the cost to duplicate and send them. Listen to Thru the Bible on Amazon Echo. The narrator is a retired minister from California named Dan Wagner. Would you like free Holy Day reminders?

Helping Catholic Families! You do not have to pay any money for it. They will automatically sort themselves out alphabetically placing each Bible reading just ahead of Dr.

Free Audio Bibles in MP3 Format

When you make this feature your friend you will be happy to know everything in the Bible. If you are an English speaker you have the choice to choose between non drama Audio Bible versions or Dramatized Audio Versions. For your spiritual growth it is important to read and meditate on the verses you get every day. Steve has an excellent voice. Contact Sermons Articles Cancel.

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Daily Bible Verses that is sent to you via the daily notification is one great thing about this Audio Bible. This Bible version comes with over different Audio Bible languages. Let Holy Spirit help you to understand the Bible. Please feel free to download and share these Bibles with others!

Audio Scriptures International believes it is more important to spread the Word of God than to make a large profit. Bible Concordance - Strong's Concordance. The books of the Old Testament prophets are packed with dense poetry and wild imagery. Download the audio of the above note on Copyright Info. God is good and will forever be our Father.

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That's a daunting thought, especially for those of us without time or the necessary reading skills. For commercial and fund raising distribution, please contact Audio Scriptures International for additional information.

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