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Tattoos and Tequila Marti Frederiksen. The last two are aged and have the same gold coloring of those gold tequilas, windows embedded posready 2009 they are just better!

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From the same distillery, you will find that Tequila Tezon is one of the best tequilas you will ever taste. Most of these are limited editions and it is always a good idea to pick them up when you come across them.

The blanco is crisp, clean, and full of that distinct agave flavor. It is easier than ever to find them because almost every tequila brand has realized that this is what drinkers really want. The beautiful thing about Casamigos Tequila is that it is not a bold tequila taste, it is smooth and subtle. They have the distinct tequila flavors that we love and their aged tequilas are particularly impressive. Appropriately, you'll want to try it in the Danny Ocean cocktail.

Quite simply, if you can get the balance the silver at this price, there's no need to pay for the additives. The word tequila itself sounds musical. Classic cocktails are the drinks that have stood the test of time.

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Tequila MP3 Download

Nancy Drinks Tequila Keith Swanson. Damn, I must have had one too many shots of Casamigos Reposado. For tequila shots, you might want to stick with the first few tequilas below.

They are the blueprints on which all other cocktails are based. It is hard to find faults in the tequilas of Don Julio. This set of stunning bottles holds some brilliant tequila. It is a light, dry tequila balanced with layers of pepper, fruit, and spice that finishes with a snap of sweet agave, salt, and pepper. Also called mixto tequilas, these are blends of different tequilas and sometimes include additives, not all of which are natural.

Check them out, then listen to them on our playlist, below. Some are seasonal, some are whimsical. It is also nice to mix into any of your favorite tequila cocktails.

No longer are you stuck with one or two options when you want a tequila shot or to mix up a margarita. Milagro may not be the biggest name in tequila, but it is memorable. The brand's silver tequila has notes of pepper and fruits, making it the perfect option for almost any tequila drink.

Milagro also has a few upgrade options in their portfolio. If you ever celebrated a wild Friday night to the point of no recollection but remained down to do it all again the following Friday, this Katy Perry pop hit is for you. Somehow fermented blue agave juice always brings music to our hearts.

10 Great Tequilas for Shots Margaritas and Cocktails

Ironically, singer Gene Simmons is a teetotaller. This is another tequila from Los Altos, home to the red clay soil that is distinct in the agave plants it produces. Whatever tequila inspires in us, it also inspires music. Sauza Tequila and Tres Generaciones.

Blame It - Jamie Foxx feat. Cheap Tequila Rick Derringer. It is a great bargain in tequila and a fantastic one to keep in stock all the time. Milagro is one of those tequila brands that begs to be mixed up. Seriously, your mouth and stomach will be on fire with the wrong tequila!

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The beauty of this tequila revolution is that there is a tequila out there for everyone. Keep an eye out for any specialty bottling they put on the market, including the small batch Expresiones. Look for these stout bottles because they hold some of the smoothest, richest tequilas you'll find on the market.

Maybe it's just one of those mysteries of life that we shouldn't try too hard to comprehend. These have been rested or aged in both American and French oak barrels. These tequilas are worth hunting down. It contains no mystery ingredients with suspect powers like the wormwood in absinthe. That's what we like about it.

Tequila Herradura is another one of those brands that should be almost everywhere you look. However, there are options available and some of these are rather impressive for the price.

It may glorify a vice-indulging lifestyle, but this rollicking country song about Hank Williams, Jr. This song is all about not being picky when it comes to liquor. Originally written in the s by the Big Bopper, this song is an ode to moonshine and those who make it. If you want an upgrade within the Sauza family, try Tres Generaciones. It offers an incredibly smooth sipping experience that can rival any fine whiskey.

It is everything you would hope to find in a true tequila. Budget tequilas are a tricky business and it is very easy to get burned when you buy the wrong one. Tequila's notorious reputation as the king of hangovers comes from the days when cheap gold tequilas were basically the only option. Don Eduardo Tequila is a very smooth tequila and one that you can rely on finding at almost any liquor store.

Tequila Gurinder Seagal mp3 download