Song We Are Young By Fun

My friends are in the bathroom getting higher than the Empire State They're getting high. Well, he's not high, which helps explain that he will be able to help her. So will someone come and carry me home tonight Nananananana He's drunk? The video concludes with Fun ending their performance as the girl from the beginning of the video walks out of the bar smiling. The guy singing the song gave it to her.

Two friends fall for one another in a rocky love affair and end it only to realize that they were much more than they thought they would be. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. The girl then throws the smartphone into the middle of the bar where it hovers in mid-air. Large amounts of flour and confetti are sprayed across the stage from the left and right.

British Phonographic Industry. He has done things to hurt her.

Carry me home tonight Just carry me home tonight Carry me home tonight Just carry me home tonight. The guy saw the scar and probably asked her about it. Either way, a guy notices she has a scar. Recording Industry Association of America. Now, with some great exposure, the Fun fan base is taking those looks and spreading and connecting the band to new people.

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Song we are young by fun

Grammy Award for Song of the Year. This year's Owl City then, if that concept doesn't chill your blood. He wants her to engage in this behavior with him. So if by the time the bar closes And you feel like falling down I'll carry you home tonight. And we deliver it in our own unique voice.

After the song's appearance in the spot, it was largely credited for the song's massive commercial success to come. The chourus is him trying to explain to the girl all the fun times they've had, and will have in the future. Why is the song such an unlikely chart-topper?

Australian Recording Industry Association. The last drug binge that they went on was a month ago.


Song we are young by funSong we are young by fun

That incident may have left a permanent mark on her while others didn't. Or a person may have an open tab no limit given which allows the bartender to charge as many drinks as they want to drink.

It's not a bad strategy, since you could hear the song times before picking up on exactly what Ruess is talking about, largely because you're just waiting for him to get to the chorus. He notices but he is where he wants to be, so he does not hesitate or move from where he is at.

Bundesverband Musikindustrie. The guy is heartbroken and is trying to figure out how to fix his relationship with the girl. Beer Can't Fix Thomas Rhett.

Song we are young by fun

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Now clearly she buys into this plan of drinking. They are working through it, and are trying to keep up appearances around their friends.

The song received acclaim from music critics, with many noting the song as a breakthrough for the indie genre and praising the song's catchiness. This song is about a couple that is in a rough spot in their relationship. The song is featured in the music video game, Rock Band Blitz. You know, noha nadeem sarwar 2008 like maybe when she takes a shower or when the two are talking and the topic slips out.

As the first chorus begins the girl gets a wine bottle smashed over her head as the patrons degenerate into a bar fight. He broke it off, she tries to move on. But here they are neither moving, both talking unable to deny the attraction and feelings they still have for one another.

The moon is on my side Nananananana It's still night, they still have time. Family Tree Caylee Hammack. Just because he mentioned that the gave her the scar months ago doesn't necessarily mean that was the only or last time he was abusive towards her. They use drugs, they become aggressive, and then apologize.

But between the drinks She drinks to put it behind her. Submit Your Interpretation.

Song we are young by fun

Select Platinum in the Certification field. The performance was critically successful and even garnered positive feedback from Bon Jovi. Fueled by Ramen Nettwerk Atlantic. All lyrics are property and copyright of their owners. We bring you the best, hot, music, entertainment, celebrity, political, bizarre and good news out there on the interweb.

Awards and nominations Discography. The holes in my apologies, you know He tries to apologize, but it's too serious to be covered by a simple apology. When the friends return they raise a glass to celebrate that they did not join them. If it is figurative, then they broke up and there's a new guy trying to pick her up. He gets a girl pregnant and then get drunk at a bar.

Now where do we imagine he was coming from? Recording Industry Association of New Zealand. It is also implied that Fun's performance mirrors the intensity of the bar's atmosphere, as their performance becomes more intense and energetic as the video progresses. But a tab is when you give a credit card to a bartender and allow them to charge a certain limit on drinks. To me, this song is about a couple who breaks up.