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But what mattered to both companies were complementary skills and attitudes. Meeting challenges We prioritised clear communications and made sure that success was shared and external challenges were dealt with co-operatively, decisively and quickly.

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Good, frank communication underpins all our working relationships and applies equally to the external bodies that both companies worked with. Flutiform, a unique combination of the inhaled corticosteroid, fluticasone and the long-acting beta agonist, formoterol, is proving to be a major success for both companies.

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Now expertise, flexibility and agility are driving success rather than size and scale. The partnership was not at first the obvious choice for either side as it represented Mundipharma International's first move into the respiratory field. By sharing ideas and existing external relationships, challenging each other and actively solving problems as a team, we were able to bring Flutiform successfully to market within tight timelines. Our partnership has demonstrated that opting for the apparent comfort of licensing to a big pharma partner is not necessarily the wisest step in commercialising innovation.

Once it recognised the potential of Flutiform, it moved quickly to establish a team of highly qualified experts within the respiratory field. Early conversations with payers, providers and healthcare professionals have been the catalyst for successful market approvals and will continue to determine the success of Flutiform. The passion and commitment of the people working together on both sides helped us to galvanise support for Flutiform across the globe. With preventative asthma treatments comprising well over half this market, there is certainly potential for Flutiform to make its mark. Complementary skills, mutual engagement and respect and an equal level of commitment to the success of the product can trump size in the new pharma landscape.

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Complementary skills Most importantly for Skyepharma, Mundipharma was committed to the success of the collaboration from day one. The dynamism and creativity behind the partnership continues today, online dating india indore with Skyepharma responsible for supplying the product to Mundipharma's sales teams across its markets. Mundipharma International was attracted to Flutiform because it offered patients a novel combination of an established bronchodilator and antiinflammatory.

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