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Both are said to be the managers of the operations in Siliguri. The gang is said to have cheated more than people in the Telugu States alone.

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Use of carbon fibers in the frame. Solid skirt with round holes and vanes.

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Badminton Reference

Some early work looking at attachment of feathers to a base. Add grommets to holes in tubular frame. Grip incorporates partial shock-absorber.

Pinched tubular frame with dual shaft and welded crossbar at throat. One-piece molded skirt with airfoils. Hollow head with ability to make noise while flying.

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Note that many of these ideas were never commercially successful and that many of these were also patented in multiple countries. Carlton examines one-piece moldings. Mechanical launch with feeder.

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Addresses stiffness of the skirt for synthetics.

Not surprisingly most relate to synthetic shuttles. Add a balloon inside the skirt. Examines how to get synthetic shuttle to fly more like feathered. Triangular plates are connected to minimal number of ribs.

Molded skirt with many sections. Mechanical launcher using rotating traction wheels. Channelized metal frame with dual shaft.

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Skirt has a bladder inside to adjust speed. Carlton's work on an adjustable shuttlecock using a bladder inside the skirt. Discusses how to keep balloon from being damaged. Focuses on ability to adjust speed. Carlton's pioneering work on synthetic shuttles.

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Discusses an early grommet concept. Tubular metal with flared holes. One-piece tubular metal head with dual shaft. Tooling for producing the skirt.

Molded skirt with round holes. Police have arrested two members of the gang, Neetha Shankar and Sandeep Mitra. Synthetic feathers mounted similarly to natural feathers. Rather than use molded skirt, look at creating synthetic feather.

Some serious engineering work is required for badminton. More for use with football rather than badminton. Focuses on tennis but same principle could apply to other rackets. William Charles Carlton pioneered much of the development of modern rackets and synthetic shuttlecocks.

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Cup-shaped skirt attached to base by a central post. Here are some of his inventions through the years. There are many more available from patent offices around the world. Attaching the skirt to a base. And once the money is paid, common dating site usernames the calls stopped and the gang went absconding.

This is especially true for rackets which have evolved greatly over the years and which have very demanding requirements. She would then conduct a background check of the customers under the pretext ensuring safety of dating partners. Balloon is used to distort the skirt. Tubular metal frame with dual shaft. Injection molding of skirt.