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Advertisements or commercial links. Although this may benefit you in the short run, over time, the storage of logs, caches and other similar files can begin to take up considerable room on your Mac. Every time I think of something that could improve, you have already added it to the app the next time I log on. Click here to see a list of the new features. This actually empowers non-programmers to create without having to become programmers themselves.

Flaming or offending other users. Not sure why the other one is grayed.

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Do you use play cards during meetings and practices? Visual Scripting for Unity Realize your creative vision without knowing how to program! University of North Carolina Coaching Staff.

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Not having the blocking diagram is the only bad part. Attributes for players, lines, boxes and text are all found under a new Format menu.

Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. Connect States with Transitions. As with most software projects, the original version functioned, microsoft word 2007 for windows 7 starter but was not very flexible.

Watch Variables as the game plays. Football Play Card is not only for football practice during the season.

Use the new Library to store drawings that you use over and over. This is especially useful for creating color presentations.

It also makes old PlayMaker Pro drawings come out wider and taller than their originals. Macintosh version can create PlayMaker documents that are compatible with the Windows version. PlayMaker Pro for Windows and for Macintosh detect whether a document they are opening was saved as a Macintosh document or a Windows document and apply any appropriate conversions automatically.

Correctly Aligned Defenses Instantly create plays and scout cards with the correct alignment by selecting your offensive formation, defensive front, and defensive coverage. We worked with Playdead to ensure that PlayMaker met their performance requirements, and then passed those improvements on to every PlayMaker user. You can flip your play on power point. Calling them is quick and efficient. You can put a logo in the end zone.

You can move a packaged document and its imported images and videos move with it. You can create Categories in the Library to organize its elements. We are now focused and organized, which has resulted in a more strategic approach to relationship sales. Just specify the number of columns and rows, and PlayMaker will divide your boxes for you.

One of our team members was acquainted with the University of Michigan football coaching staff, so we asked them for a problem to solve. How long does it take you to draw a play card using your current method? Use Folders and Play Scripts to organize your football play cards Play card organization is flexible so you can save play cards in a way that makes most sense to you. Professional and collegiate football teams save time drawing football play cards for practice, scouting reports, and playbooks using FootballPlayCard. At that time, a coach would hand draw a play on a piece of paper, hand the paper to a typist, and then dictate the text that she would type on the page.

Show The Ball, adds a ball to a play, so you can show its origin. You will have access to our web app at FootballPlayCard. Download and Print Your Play Script Many of you have asked for the ability to download and print your play scripts, and now you have the ability with Football Play Card.

Please Read This Description before you purchase. You will need to purchase Document Editing to save your work, print, export your drawings or export video presentations.

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Attached images are now drawn in front of a box background fill but behind yard lines and dividers. Show animations of plays in your presentation.

By far the best program that I have gotten. This works even better if you can project your computer screen for team meetings. Otherwise, you should be able to do most anything you can do in the desktop versions. If you double click on a player, the new Set Player Letters window will appear. We did start using an updated installer for Vista compatibility.


Sexually explicit or offensive language. New plays are created with a new Play tool. If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, what do you think a perfectly drawn play card is worth? It also uses a standard Macintosh tool bar at the top of the page. It helps us recruit top reps to give them a tool like this.

PlayMaker Pro documents can be transferred from this Macintosh version to the iPad version using iTunes, iCloud Drive or by attaching to an email. But how do you find out all of these shortcuts?

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Your video can be uploaded to your favorite web based video distribution system. Performance Other visual scripting solutions use delegates or reflection calls for every single node in the graph. Now we can look at our entire territory and know what we should be doing. The Library is stored in its own file, so its available no matter what documents you have open. They needed a better way to draw football plays for their playbook, and wanted to incorporate text into their drawings.