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The credits of My Neighbor Totoro show incidents from the future, starting with the mother's return from the hospital. He has never before been as happy as he is now. The movie version of They Were Eleven has a very straightforward one, detailing the future careers of the cast after the end of their Cosmo Academy exam. Crow continued to duel as a professional duelist, while Jack becomes the King of the Ride Ace Dueling league, making him the World King.

The final scene of Outlaw Star shows the crew saying their goodbyes and going their separate ways. Darkrai is then seen looking over the town.

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The Damned United features an end roll that shows the future of its central characters, Peter Taylor and Brian Clough. Yusei becomes a Hot Scientist and finishes his father's work.

Kung Fu Panda runs this as the artwork behind the end credits, showing what the Five and Po get up to after the story. The final scenes of Into the Wild show what happened to the various people Chris encountered on his journey. Transformers Victory ended with Jean narrating what happened to everybody after Deathsaurus was defeated. Wish Maker, having apparently started a farm together.

And finally, Luluco takes up the name Miss Trigger and wanders the dimensions in order to find Nova again. He leaves out the thousand or so people who died. At the end of Space Patrol Luluco Ogikubo is back where it belongs. The Hairy Bird also known as Strike!

The Miracle at Palaven ends with one, showing snapshots of the surviving viewpoint characters and a galaxy rebuilding in the aftermath of the Reaper War. Sally became a world-famous mud wrestler. The Social Network had text overlayed at the end of the final scene mostly with a focus on the results of the two lawsuits that serve as a framework for the story. Well, they're here in this cupboard. The next morning, Lucy, Natsu, and several others go off on a new quest.

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After a series of commercial deals in Japan, he was drafted to the German national team and now plays in the European leagues. After coming second in the finals, Smile continued to play competitively before his retirement. He continued playing ping pong and was drafted into the Japanese Olympic team, replacing Kazuma, and eventually attending the Olympic Games. Bryan became a major rock star, sold millions of records, and returned to Missouri for sex re-education classes.

Shaymin is also seen, looking out to a sunrise with a smile. Dinner for Schmucks ends with each of the character's fates being told through one of Barry's taxidermied mice dioramas.

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The later half of the final chapter is this. Mason left the music business and started a chain of nudist colonies.

Batwing and Butterball replace the U-Foes as North Carolina's state superteam, and are in the market for additional members. Kazuma placed third in the second tournament, but returned to form with the retirement of Smile. Simon had a vision and abandoned singing to become a T.

The Batarians are suffering under heavy reparations for their part in the Reaper Wars. Jack has been travelling and training. Unfortunately, this has been discontinued. That isn't even the same world. Chichiri is also shown, but we don't know if he used Mitsukake's holy water to cure his destroyed left eye.

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The King's Speech revealed that Bertie and Lionel remained friends for the rest of their lives. He was drafted to the Japanese Olympic team, but was replaced by Kong soon after.

The ending of Samurai Champloo does this, cele mai bune site-uri de dating showing the three protagonists walking along their individual paths after splitting up and enjoying the scenery while the credits play. Jimmy made more hit records for Playtone and now works as a record producer in Los Angeles.