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Like many Windows applications, simply positioning the mouse over buttons displays a tool tip window with a description of its function. Organize your image collection and batch process as many pictures as you want at once. The luxury of this is that you have a completely customizable work space set up for the way you work best. Scroll down to New Album and click. Finally, along the bottom of the work area is the Options Palette, which displays the available options for the tool selected.

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Don't worry about messing up, a multilevel Undo feature gives you the freedom to correct any mistakes or just change your mind. You can change the alternate color into the active color by clicking on the alternate Color Swatch to bring it to the front.

The custom macro and batch processing features are very useful and enable you to process hundreds of photos in a single action. As we mentioned, these palettes can be quickly moved around the desktop and set up for how you work best. After snapping an image, consumers now want to color correct or digitally enhance it before emailing it to friends or posting it on a website. You may consider printing a hard copy of all the help topics so that you can refer to it whenever needed. The Album Palette lies on the left side of the work area and displays images in the currently selected album.

Digital Imaging Software Review - ArcSoft PhotoStudio

When you're ready to open an image, you can use the File menu to locate a specific image or browse through an album. This is especially useful if you want to edit text at a later time. The Select menu is pretty straightforward, giving you some quick shortcuts to selecting certain parts of the image all, invert, none, etc.

The connection to PhotoIsland. This version is no longer available for download, but here you can get the latest version which includes even more enhancements. The Effects Menu is where the fun starts. You've just created a new album. ArcSoft PhotoStudio is a powerful yet easy to use photo editing application that allows you to manage, enhance, print, and get creative with digital photos in a few steps.

What's great about these palettes is that you can grab one with the mouse and drag it out to the center of the work space, where it turns into a small window which can be placed anywhere. In that case, all you have to do is make changes in the original text layer without affecting elements in any other layers. You also have the ability to draw freehand, fill large areas with the paint bucket and clone objects.

However, if you want to delete a layer, you must do it through the Layer menu we tried hitting the Delete key while the layer was selected in the palette, but nothing happened. For the amount of creativity gathered browsing the site and the PhotoIsland. With the growing trend of digital cameras comes the growing need for consumer-friendly image editing software. For example, if you want to add text to an image, it's simplest to create a new layer just for the text. Layers are like transparencies stacked together.

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There's also a variety of filters that allow you to apply a blurring effect or sharpen lines. The tool bars around the sides and bottom of the screen are referred to as palettes.

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PhotoStudio provides detailed help information on specific tasks. Like the software, the packaging is simplicity in itself. We found the main screen of the program easy to navigate and very user-friendly with menu bars, palettes and a work area in the center. For example, if the text tool is highlighted, the Options Palette displays the available fonts, sizes, etc. Overall, we found PhotoStudio to be an excellent upgrade to earlier versions of this software.

Yes, the world is going digital and tecno-savvy consumers are keeping up with the times. That way, you can move it around easily or delete it if you change your mind without messing up the entire image.

Photostudio 2000

Digital Imaging Software Review - ArcSoft PhotoStudio

Clicking on the Studio Assistant button pulls up a small help menu featuring the most commonly asked questions. In addition to the normal cut and paste functions, the Edit menu lets you alter the image's rotation and orientation, add a border and change the image size. This incredible software features an array of advanced tools, filters and special effects to enhance all your photos. PhotoStudio is a wonderful program for the digital imaging novice as well as for the experienced consumer, as it puts a world of control at your fingertips without any complications.

Visit ArcSoft's PhotoStudio information page. From a variety of filters and special effects to a bevy of online tools, optics physics books PhotoStudio has everything you need to get the most out of your photos quickly and efficiently.

PhotoStudio is a full-featured, easy-to-use image editing software program for consumers and prosumers. Special filters under this section include the ability to add noise or solarize the image, among others. Layers can be turned on and off from view on the Layer Palette, by clicking the green dot. Adding text using a separate layer will keep the text specific to that layer only.

Albums are simply collections of images that you set up. See the Color Palette below. This is a real time-saver that we greatly appreciate. If you're new to the idea of working with layers, the manual gives a nice overview. Simple and intuitive user interface.

The Text Tool allows you to add a title, caption, or personalized message to an image. You just have to make a click and all your photos are brightened, rotated, or resized. Layers allow you to edit, paint, retouch, paste, and reposition objects on one layer without affecting data on any other layers. Earlier versions of PhotoStudio were somewhat limited in everything from the workspace to the correction options. Likewise, installing PhotoStudio is quick and uncomplicated.

The time saving Auto Enhance feature adjusts the image sharpness, brightness, tone, contrast and color with one fell swoop. The top row of buttons across the image work area are shortcuts to the most commonly used menu items like Save, Print, Copy, etc. The Undo command allows you to discard unwanted operations.