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Keeravani used the pseudonyms Maragathamani for the Tamil version, Vedanarayana for the Malayalam dubbed version, and M. The Fly is a Indian bilingual fantasy film written by K. When he tries to open the safe with a welding machine, the fly repeatedly disturbs him.

Rangan has likened Eega to a ghost film because a dead protagonist returns to his loved ones as a troubled soul. The idea for the film originated in the s from a conversation in which Prasad joked with Rajamouli about the idea of a fly seeking revenge against a human. In a chain of events, his money is burnt to ashes, leaving him almost penniless. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Miscellaneous Pacific Islands U. Will the animation be up to the mark?

Nani made a guest appearance in the Tamil version too. Nani's next release was S. As well as providing detailed profiles of the characters, Rajamouli enacted a few scenes, which helped Karky write the lyrics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Vijayendra Prasad and directed by his son, S.

Ride was also a notable success at the box office. The output of the first team of animators, using the reference material prepared, was unsatisfactory and Rajamouli reworked the fly's detailing.

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He shuns all the refinement he showed in his previous romantic characters and breathes life into the part of a smart Alec threatening to hold up the shooting of a sherwani commercial for Rs. The performances of the principal cast, Rajamouli's direction, and visual effects received critical acclaim upon release. Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha. Nani is murdered by a wealthy businessman named Sudeep, who is attracted to Bindu and considers Nani a rival.

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Sudeep takes Bindu to his home and Nani follows them. The film's highlight is the scene where he chances upon bags of cash and his reaction after that. The Hindi dubbing began in Hyderabad, and Gurwara dubbed for Nani in the film. Ninnu Kori was a film that had Nani co-starring alongside Nivetha Thomas once more, and the film also had Aadhi Pinisetty in a pivotal role. This way, a dormant Bharti Bhatia gets a new awakening in life.

It emerged as a blockbuster, collecting over fifty crores, and became Nani's highest-grossing movie excluding Eega to date. There is something to be said about star power.

It was also Nani's second blockbuster since Rajamouli's Eega and the first blockbuster in which Nani played a full-length role. It became a hit and was Nani's second-highest-grossing film, excluding Eega. The latter clips Nani's wing and fatally stabs him with the same needle.

The projectile passes through Sudeep and hits an oxygen cylinder, which explodes and kills him. Radhika Rajamani of Rediff. Janardhan Maharshi and Crazy Mohan wrote the dialogue for the Telugu and Tamil versions, respectively. His last release in was a romantic comedy titled Majnu. The movie fared really well at the box office.

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After the filming of each scene was completed, the editing and re-recording procedures were done with simple greyscale animation. British Board of Film Classification. When Bhasmasur tries to touch Shiva's head, Vishnu assumes the form of Mohini and makes Bhasmasur touch his own head, killing him. The film revolved around the power of money and its influence over everything in society.

He dresses her up, makes her realize she is stunning, clicks her pictures and circulates them in various ad agencies. Not to be confused with Eegah. The fly, however, gets in the way and disturbs him while he types the password. The script was doctored by Rajamouli's brother, S.

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The machine burns through the safe, burning the money in the process. By the time Sudeep discovers this, the money has already burned to ashes, leaving him almost penniless. Eega received a positive response.

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At that time, he was joking about a housefly seeking revenge on a human in a conversation with his son S. The Times of India Crest Edition.

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The film was one of Nani's weakest films since Yevade Subramanyam. Its protagonist is Nani, who is in love with his neighbour Bindu. The fly, who sees Bindu mourning Nani's death in her bedroom, adobe pagemaker 7 reveals itself to be Nani by writing on the desk with her tears. South Indian International Movie Awards. This movie was a disaster at the box office.

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The film's Telugu version was shown at film festivals worldwide. Indian animation industry. Hit pairs return after decades Rajiv Vijayakar. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Nani actor.

As a result, the family which hid her face from the world, abandoned her from various social events, is today the face seen in every household and is the reason for various social events. As he sheds the corporate mask, he comes into his own, one step at a time on the mountains. He also lent his voice to the film. Both the versions were flops at the box office. Senthil Kumar due to creative differences and scheduling conflicts.

Kruthi Grover of The New Indian Express wrote that Eega lacks a proper structure despite having effective visual effects and editing. Sudeep is enraged when he learns that Bindu is helping the fly. List of accolades received by Eega. Sudeep Nani Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

Senthil Kumar was director of photography and Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao edited the film. The climax completely belongs to him. He is quintessentially natural and is almost impeccable. Bindu takes the fly's wing and makes an amulet with it. Nandi Award for Best Actor.

Nani and Bindu assume Sudeep is dead but he is saved by his business partner. The fly's memory is triggered when it encounters Sudeep and Bindu.

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