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Later, Maanvi's health deteriotes and Doctors declare only bone marrow transplant can save her. In the court Viren saves both Jeevika and Viraat from punishment as new investigations reveal the real killer is Jaiswal, Viren's long time foe. But Dabbu says first she should listen to him. Jeevika says the problem is getting serious and they have to do say something to Viren. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

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Indian Tv Serials Written Updates. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Viren repeats after her and they rush to kitchen.

Even though jeevika knew she must smiling to the thoughts of virat. Jeevika then understands that Manvi was faking that she was upset and angry and it was all just a drama to get the ice cream.

She goes to call him but stops. Viren is calling out for Virat. The couple live in happiness but the Sisters miss each other very much.

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And jeevika cries, Viren is very very sad. Jeevika controls her tears and tells Viren that Beeji is calling and that she willt lak later and cuts the call. Jeevika overhears it and sad and upset, leaves from there, as wanted by Manvi.

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Vadhera family realizes it's mistake, apologises to Maanvi and invites her to visit Chandigarh. Daabu asks whats the plan and she whispers in his ears. Viren is like, I dnt know should I be happy or sad, that you keep family before yourself or because of this will be go away from each other. Manvi asks them to think and they are stressing their brains. Today i'm going to tell manvi, its the best opportunity today very ones going out and manvi isn't.

Virat and Maanvi also look at each other. Jeevika worriedly asks if he had breakfast and Tarun says that everyone has had their lunch also, except her. She feels guilty about her wrong timing. All are happy hearing that. Virat and manvi have both given hints to each other that they love each other very much, but neither of them has ever confessed.

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She sees him in the mirror. Jeevika is carelessly putting parathas on the stove and Manvi asks her to be careful. Viraat arrives on the scene and takes the blame on himself to save Jeevika and gets imprisonment. Manvi asks her to take her time. Vadhera family feels relieved.

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Sweety asks Dabbu whether he had any girfriend named chameli jasmine. But inside many questions were nagging her. Manvi thought to herself Yaar di ko to saab pata hai.

Dabbu calls her and she comes near the window. Vadhera and Chaudhary families live happily ever after. And hugs virat and virat hugs him back Manvi was in her room sitting on the window sill and feeling the cold breeze outside enjoying the monsoon. Sweety is upset and says he loved someone else before her. She smiles andl looks at him.

Pics photos virat manvi virman background tune free download. There they show Virat in the music office of an apparently very busy guy who is busy talking on the phone. Listen and download to an exclusive collection of virat manvi without music ringtones for free to personolize your iPhone or. Viren- Vahaa baahi vaa, what website can i go to to music good luck! Awesome start loved it why the suspense yaar Hope nothing bad happens hope they confess soon Eagerly waiting for your next update Continue soon and do pm me.

How could she let this happen? As she runs out of her room shouting and looking for Manvi, she called herself the worst sister for not waking up for Manvi. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

Shows Written Update

Virat- Vo bhai mein mein urmmm mein mein umm well brother i i ummm i i umm. Virat- Yaar ab aur nai mein nai kaha sakti Man not anymore i can't eat anymore Manvi's just laughing her head off and virat saw her and just smiled at her with love. Title music is played in the background. Title music plays in the background.

Viren and jeevika saw the attachment between manvi and virat but they never said anything to them. It can download Vevo videos, age-restricted videos, region protected videos. By mistake he holds her hands. Viren brings Maanvi to Chandigarh to cheer up Jeevika on her Birthday. Manvi, I can't live without you.

Manvi was drifting in her thoughts about virat and just smiling. What would happen if Manvi would have eaten an ice cream. Manvi was in her room sitting on the window sill and feeling the cold breeze outside enjoying the monsoon.

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