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Give yourself good memories by living a good life in your present. You would think that such would be the opposite, that you have to move fast in order to achieve goals or get something done.

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But that means that the citizens have to rise to a higher level of mind where we know we not robbing each other, we know we not going to harm each other, we reached that level of civilization. If I focused upon one thing like doing a rap tour, it might interfere with my family life, or the time needing to read and study.

Crimes that such criminals would rather keep covered-up? Rap is something I do, but Hip Hop is something I live, and it is the living of Hip Hop that shapes my life is such ways. Someone else, without a knowledge of how to drive a car, is expected to feel some anxiety if they had to drive a car. This, I believe, is our next step.

You have a knowledge, an awareness, of driving, and that awareness, that knowledge, is what wipes away all fears and overrides all potential dangers. We are not simply a music genre, we are a new civilization upon the earth, and we need to start acting like one. In addition to the fact that the English language of the past reflects a past English culture which in and of itself was the colonial enemy of our indigenous ancestors, we must ask, as we did at U.

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With this set-up, I have all the time I need to do whatever I want. Hip Hop is like a tall light post shining light onto the darkness of the streets. Where and when does such a city get established? This is why it is important to live a righteous life.

Most people suffer not just because of injustice or corruption, but more because of ignorance. You know, driving a car is a dangerous. This is another banger from the Hip Hop legend. One of which is the fact that history is not a good source for history. But such a city must be brought into manifestation not through bricks and paint, but through a higher understanding as to what it means to be Hip Hop.

Just like it is impossible to have real justice in a colonial society, such is the same with history in a colonial society. But as far as life itself is concerned, knowledge is what is on top, and it is knowledge that puts one on top! And I say that cautiously because Dre is looking to further mix some of what I did in his studio, and he may add to my production or change the music altogether.

Not money, not fame, not even resources. It is because the righteous life gives you beautiful memories. This is mainly what we got into. What then is your basic teaching, and what is it that you want Hiphoppas to know?

Dre, and his team, big-up to Ty and to Victor the engineer, they came to my aid when Simone reached-out to them. This is how most people live their lives.

These books are really for those that are serious about life and living. But my life experience has taught me something different. But of course, in the book, battlefield 2 for full version Black Oustory as a concept is a lot more flushed-out. The idea is to live a life that you can be proud of. Life is not something they study.

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It seems that the fastest speed in the universe is stillness. And all of us are artistic in some way. Can you elaborate on this? It is something to possess or take away, it is not an event to be studied unto itself. Hip Hop is a global culture, and we are its cultural architects.

Not only does America need a new city, but we Hiphoppas need our own space in this country. And when are these books coming out? With my power-point presentation, I was able to actually show students the images that backed-up what I was teaching.

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What we do and say today is going to be the actual history of those studying us in the future! Not knowing what you are capable of, or who you really are outside of your name, your age and your employment is the number one cause of self-doubt, worry and depression, thus failure.

Krs-One albums MP3 free

Original Hip Hop Throwbacks Vol. Hiphoppia is both a state of mind as well as an actual place. Some of it is also on my Instagram.

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First of all, where do you find the time to write seven books, and tour, and lecture, and record a new album among everything else that you are doing? It gives you confidence in who you are and what you are capable of. Dre, is he producing your next album? Was it completely different from the book or just shorter?

It is impossible to have an accurate depiction of the past in a colonial society. Knowledge reigns supreme, and for our people to truly reign supreme, we need knowledge. This gives me all the time I need to study, to write, to think, to record and to be a husband and a father all at the same time. Whenever two or more real Hiphoppas are together in peace, love, unity and joy, they have arrived at Hiphoppia. Among other things, Simone is an acronologists, she makes powerful affirmations out of everyday words by transforming such words into powerfully affirming acronyms.

Simone wrote one of the books entitled Identifying Your Faith which an excellent look at the principles of faith and how to correctly apply them to life. The same can be applied to life itself. The street light, the light post that we see shining light at night onto the street, is symbolic of Hip Hop.