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Since you like makeup the staffs look like they are always nervous. Is there any singer you are jealous of her makeup? He said that I could date somebody but said this in a bad expression.

Itu sekilas soal persahabatan mereka. One that you stick and one that you express through makeup. Wherever I go I use to buy unique ones.

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Actually I am a cool, tough girl. Nowadays whenever this happens, when the guy your dating introduces you to his friends I drink corn tea.

Since cosmetic products have expiration dates, I share them to others. Where do you shop and what kind of makeup materials do you shop? He asked me to tell who is the person.

One of those Hardeanty's

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Setiap foto untuk per musim menunjukkan skinship yang sangat dekat. It is always true on stage and even our daily life. Honestly, some paparazzis reveal ugly pictures. He is a strict father-like person.

Foto pun beredar, tapi kedua agensi mengatakan mereka hanyalah teman dekat. Hopefully, I was not too late. Whenever I go overseas I buy funny eyelashes. Pretty things and uniqueness, it is really difficult to be on the position between over and okay. How much cosmetic stuff do you have?

Sometimes you show the strong image of you in photo shoots and in stages. Since the concept we prefer is boyish, we think that we are different than the girl groups.

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We actually do not want to go in a way isolated from others, since we are also girls. Because of my pride of my uniqueness, my makeup gets stronger. This thing becomes an issue again. But I needed to wear the corn outfit. What is the difference of year old Bom?

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For eyelashes, cool things are usually at Shuuemura. Because I am always at home. It took me a long time to realize this.