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Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Please have them contact me asap. When Coulson was shot on his way to the backdoor, May reached him and was convinced that the only chance of saving him was pushing him through the portal. He also strapped explosives to himself which deterred Antoine Triplett from pursuing him. He also attempted suicide by cutting his wrists with a folded piece of paper.

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The women left with Ward, however Daniel Whitehall ordered the Bus to be destroyed regardless. When Ward hesitated, Garrett questioned if this was a weakness in him, but Ward insisted that it was not. She was over the hole as an earthquake shook the area. Garner was hooked onto an I. As you draw back, your fingers will naturally slide back a bit and get hooked inside the pouch.

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Ward speaks to Bobbi Morse on the bus. As Ward prepared to fly the plane away to safety he was stopped when Maria Hill arrived on another jet with Antoine Triplett. Ward reassures and comforts Kara Palamas. And i think this could be really fun fishing with this. May quickly relieved Kaminsky of the Berserker Staff as the others fought and Skye uploaded a computer program that allowed her to find Garrett.

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After they were gone, she and Coulson remembered how the first mission of Coulson's Team involved Skye and wondered if it was fate that brought everyone together. May said that it could be a trap, so Hunter asked if she was ready. This causes Skye to label her father a monster. What is the most inexpensive setup that will shoot both arrows and shot? May joined the rest of the team and watched the Kree slaughtering the Inhumans.

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  1. Suddenly the plane was rerouted to the Hub by Victoria Hand.
  2. Kebo remembered May from the Attack on Grant Ward she performed earlier, stabbed Strucker, then attempted to escape.
  3. Ward questions Werner von Strucker.
  4. Garner knew that something was wrong, saying that May had not made a call like this since Bahrain.
  5. Making use of the dead body as a new host, the dark Inhuman followed Coulson and Fitz, finally escaping back to Earth through the portal where he sought out Gideon Malick.

At the same time, he could not bring himself to directly murder Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons and instead ejected them into the ocean. Despite his concerns, he stayed with Garrett. Ward is shot and captured by Phil Coulson. Malick vowed to help Ward destroy S.

May is questioned by Robert Gonzales. She shot Hunter with an I. They found her and discovered that Campbell has chosen to sacrifice himself, flying a Quinjet with Hive and the warhead into space where it exploded, thus putting an end to Hive's threat. He tried to convince Fitz to leave before the alarm was sounded but Fitz refused, proudly stating that he was a S. Her mother trains her to control her powers, while slowly trying to convince her that S.

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May and Coulson gave Hinton a break before asking her again. Garner then told a tale of how he escaped. She acted swiftly and without authorization to apprehend renegade S. Following the relegalization of S. May increased the Quinjet's speed.

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The first Inhuman that Daisy adds to her roster is Joey Guiterrez, who was given the abilities to manipulate metal within a certain distance. Therefore, May alerted Phil Coulson and the whole team about it. The next morning the pair used a camouflage blanket to hitch a ride on the underbelly of a truck which brought them to the compound.

Ward is reunited with Thomas Ward. As Ward was about to enter the van, he told Coulson to tell Skye that he would keep his promise to take her to her father. Although the Playground's doors were damaged, May managed to fly the place out of it. Spud informed them that to get an audience with the leader, they needed to win in the fight club that was established for new members to prove themselves. Ward was tasked with appearing as a train conductor while the team searched for Quinn's purchase.

Ward offered Palamas the chance to shoot Morse, but she refused, citing that it did not feel right as she did not feel remorse. Ian Quinn was quickly arrested but was found with blood on his hands. Vin-Tak told them that he caused Sif to lose her memory using his Truncheon.

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He left the pair alone to meet. However, May did searched for Garner, and she found out that he had killed all the Inhumans that were in the castle. May in Hawaii with Andrew Garner. She saw him watching Creel and he said that he still did not trust him after he had killed Isabelle Hartley and Idaho. As a teenager, online dating he tried to burn down his family home.

Daisy Johnson
  • Ward promises to bring Kara Palamas closure.
  • After a brief fight, Garret was arrested.
  • Cal takes Jiaying's fate into his own hands, breaking her back into two.
  • Garner slowly fell to the ground as his body and May saw in Lash form and she took a step back, knowing the man she loved had gone forever.

May and other agents surrounded the Inhumans. Afterwards, they went off with Agent Kaminsky to raid the Fridge, Ward arrived pretending to be delivering John Garrett to his cell. As he walked to the truck, Ward saw all of his former friends, including Fitz, and other agents watching him. Fitz and Simmons were able to escape their guards, resulting in Ward chasing them until they locked themselves in a Medical Pod.

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When Coulson arrived back on the Bus with Sif, Fitz told her he had repaired the Asgardian Collar needed to stop Lorelei, but in reality, job dating Ward locked her in the room and ejected her from the plane. Ward assisted his team on other missions with his skills as an undercover specialist. May fought him until he was eventually killed by Tess. Ward surrenders his weapons to Deathlok.

Melinda May (Earth-616)

They began discussing how they could try and get ahead of the vision and change the future, removed but Leo Fitz insisted that it was a fixed point in time which could not be altered no matter what they did. Palamas questioned why they were going to S. Safe House where he had taken Skye. Wish I had seen it sooner. Skye tries to call for help but is unsuccessful due to the tremendous loss of blood.

The situation escalated in an argument between Johnson and Coulson about the future of S. Ward argues with Leo Fitz about the blame. General Glenn Talbot arrived to the Playground and intended to arrest everyone, but due to Aida having gone mad, he agreed to let them go and May flied the Zephyr One away.

May and the others then went to Rae's Restaurant for a nice a quiet dinner. Phil Coulson suggested that they ensure that Johnson would not leave the Playground in order to change the course of the future. Jemma Simmons checked on her and said that May was bleeding really bad.

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Malick asked Ward if revenge was his only goal, but Ward insisted that his goal was to assassinate Phil Coulson and destroy S. May reported the event to the rest of the team and they decided to further investigate the place in order to get Simmons back. May saw that he was upset, so she said to him that maybe he could not overcome this feeling. Coulson welcomed back May while giving orders to Ward to take aim at Peterson, although he insisted that he only fire if he had to, which Ward reluctantly agreed to. Hello the web site seams that it does not work.

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