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That the name Lovecraft is bandied around gives clues to the nature of this horror. You'll learn more than you might need about precious stones, their cutting and polishing, and their trade, but you'll enjoy it, and much else here. The fun-fair later on may well be Battersea, so the common might be Clapham. And there's been more since. Victorian London lives and breathes, as do the characters.

Come on in and join the fun. So we're sucked into the underbelly of Victorian London again, and it's a sordid and dark place of course. To say any more would spoil some devilishly fiendish connections and breathtaking twists. So more of the gothic and the Victorian than the bog-standard cyberpunk action, but vivid and involving, to be sure.

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Otherwise, as ever, we travel to Limehouse for an opium den, but very pungently described, and into Spitalfields and docklands for rankness and villainy. An unusually good story and characters to care about. The action centres on Seven Dials, now an anodyne area, but then a notorious stew. He effortlessly evokes place and character in a way that makes you feel immersed in the one and feel for the other.

Simon Blumenfeld Jew boy A somewhat confrontational title which, according to Ken Worpole in his comprehensive introduction here, still ruffles sensitive feathers. There's much subtlety, for example, in how the main character's rosy view of modern London is based mostly on Jonathan politely deceiving her to save her from fretting. Terry Pratchett Dodger There was always more than a faint whiff of medieval London about Ankh Morpork, the central city of Discworld, so it's no big leap years? An aristocratic vampire has been murdered, an attack by cyber-alligators ensues, as do sundry swarms, explosions and murders. The sequel, called Camera Obscura, is set in the same elegantly skewed world, but the action takes place in Paris and our heroine is an Amazon with a big gun and lots of attitude.

The plot features zombie revenants who are plague victims that now live on human flesh and a spate of murders committed by a glowing blue policeman. The cockney patter is mostly faultless and often fruity. She's living in a brothel, from where she gets sold to a violently obsessive artist, who eventually employs one of the other two foundlings.

Actually Hartright is asked, and Halcombe, his sister-in-law, gets involved too. These were the first to hold sway in Egypt. Anne Perry The face of a stranger The first in the series of fragrant crime novels featuring policeman William Monk and nurse Hester Latterly.

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Sarah Waters Fingersmith Another engrossing pseudo-Victorian novel involving the interconnection of the lives of toffs and roughs in grim London and the green countryside. She turns a mean plot, and writes much much better than we have any right to expect. But it's all done so well, and is written so well, that you'll still be unable to stop wanting to know what happens next. Dodger, a tosher working the sewers, is obvious.

One of the characters, a mayor, is pondering the impending amalgamation of some London boroughs, which happened in - some precise dating then. Latest new members Search our database of dating singles Come on in and you too could soon be on the way to finding your perfect soulmate. We believe that if life begins at forty, then the fun really starts at fifty! And over and above the three hundred, top hook up sites the remaining forty-one cover thirteen hundred and forty years.

The conclusion relies maybe too much on drastically shifting allegiances and trippy dreamy sequences, but on balance this entertains quite mightily. It's also very funny, in a way that keeps you grinning all through, if not laughing out loud. But a better blend of detection, emotion, social issues, politics and millennial fear you'd be hard pressed to find. The Egyptians claim to be sure of all this, since they have reckoned the years and chronicled them in writing.

London locations centre around the Strand and Covent Garden, and the alleys and pubs reek nicely. Down is the direction dealt with here, with the central character, Meepers, obsessed with the bones beneath our feet and the stories they tell. This book grips you and drags you down some of the more squalid and dangerous alleys of the period. His employer is a bit of a radical, has meetings with Karl Marx and Mrs Beeton, but is, it turns out, a robot.

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Useful dates in British history

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