Creepy Carnival Music

Loop - Horror, Haunted Carnival. Perfect for all of your ghoulish productions.

Loop A - Circus, Circus Organ. Also available as an instrumental with a campy harpsichord and creepy pipe organ. To top it all off, they sound almost exactly alike in places.

Creepy carnival music

It's fast, full of cheering, accordion, smashing plates, and melodic gang and banshee vocals. Has regular stops which allow for further editing. Variation A main mix without fx - Horror, Haunted Carnival. Bed - Horror, Haunted Carnival. This is my best selling track.

Opening theme to The Funhouse. Something's not quite right here. Written in an old haunted circus style. Scary, spaced out, alien atmosphere.

Halloween Royalty Free Music Scary

The other main use of this is as a cue that a character is losing their mind. Full Track main mix with fx - Horror, Halloween Whimsical. See Copyrights for details. Curse of Darkness could be seen as an example. Perfectly suited for use in animations or films where an odd character needs a theme.

Haunted carnival and circus musicHalloween Royalty Free Music Scary

The waltz music in the Circus Episode is played in a minor key, and has a very melancholic tone. Some of his songs from later in the year feature a Dark Reprise of this song. Featuring distorted carousel like chimes and bells, orchestral strings, boy choir, and various synth effects.

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Haunted carnivals and evil clowns. Often it will sound as if it's being played on an old, rusty calliope. The Return of Jafar is a swingy Broadway-style song that contains some elements of this. The effect is haunting, scary and maybe even sad and nostalgic.

Another possible example is the Song of Storms. Makes you question how well it did back when the carnival was still actually in operation.

The song starts out cheerful, but eventually switches to a minor key, and then gets faster and much more frantic in tone. Horror Music Theme Haunted carnival and circus music.

Deep and bassy music for entering and investigating a haunted house at a carnival. Bonus points for the film taking place in Hell. Scary dolls and mannequins. Stinger - Horror, Haunted Carnival.

High-energy, bombastic dance music! The ending credits to Paranoia Agent.

It's a different kind of creepy from the classic Monster Clown effect. The Addams Family meet The Munsters in this fun, quirky orchestral track with a devilish harpsichord, creepy church organ and spidery strings. The cinematic version plays this trope straight when Pennywise performs his creepy dance. This track starts as a typical goofy, fun and whimsical piece you'd hear at a carnival or from an ice cream truck. Energetic and fantastic, this track has a Danny Elfmann kind of sound that matches perfectly a carnival scene, play fps games no a video game and any other media application where a freaky sound is required.

Great for horror, thrillers, sci-fi and nightmares of all kinds. The theme music from The Elephant Man uses this to heartbreaking effect.

Comedy mysterioso, circus, spooky carnival music. Classic cabaret, circus, puppet show type music. Loop C - Circus, Clown Music. This track from the soundtrack of Paprika. In one scene, the loop plays on top of itself.

Perfect for horror animation and comedy horror. Loop D - Circus, Clown Music. Imagine clowns and crazy performers in an old amusement park. Features lots of ghostly vocal fx.

Creepy carnival music

Discord has an especially sinister version of this trope as his Leitmotif. The Twisted Circus slot machine.

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The Creepy Docks music in BioShock. The main menu music of Psychonauts and the final level, The Meat Circus. One of the key indicators that bad things are about to go down is when creepy carnival music starts playing out of nowhere. Madame Fate fits this trope.