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For example, if a manager needs to put together an ad-hoc development team, he'd be able to quickly identify those employees that have the needed skills for the purpose of the team. Cons Because it is so easy to use, there seems to lack some functionality you would expect. Links and news in this section are posted in order of receipt.

Bridge's community is also an asset when seeking assistance to enhance your organisation's knowledge of the system. Until these annoying bidding problems are fixed, I won't play this game an more. Hello, Thank you for your review! Cons What I like least about this software is that when you have to edit a course it will re-enroll all incomplete learners in the course so they may lose their spot. It is very easy to create training from scratch using the embedded features in Bridge or import the training materials from other authoring software.

This bridge app needs to fix the bidding phase, because faulty computer players are forcing me into bad contracts. Contract Bridge simulation with random deal, Acol or Standard American bidding, selectable conventions and an in depth feature set. Contract Bridge X Bibase Software. You can play Bridge for free, firefox software for windows 7 and no restriction.

If you are new to Bridge or want to sharpen up how you play your cards, stay away from this ap. Bridge Federation of India. Hello Greg, Thank you for your review of Bridge! We use the development area for quick modules or quizzes.

Their support is fast and readily available. It would be nice to know what conventions the computer plays.

Bridge could benefit from a more robust quizzing engine. Bridge offers support via email, phone and through an online knowledge base.

If I'm first for the bid and I pass, all other hands pass and I have to stat a new game. This is essentially unplayable. The most challenging, in my case, was the lack of formatting options provided. Use Bridge Scorer Calculator not currently available to check your scores.

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It also knows very few conventions nor you can you configure any. Users seem to understand how to use the environment intuitively. For example, it would be great to be able to connect your LinkedIn account and share the completion of any trainings to that network. Click the Print icon on the toolbar so you have a printed copy of the directions before you begin. Each player needs to take more tricks.

The video editor is great for dropping a video into a course. And the ability to create training when needed or modify existing training on the fly is a huge plus. Likelihood to Recommend Not likely Very likely. They are always available to help me when needed and are great at following up.

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Hello Monica, Thank you for your review of Bridge! Pros I really like how easy this software is to use. Pros It is very easy to create training from scratch using the embedded features in Bridge or import the training materials from other authoring software. Hello Shanta, Thank you for your review of Bridge!

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Special scripts were built to do some items not available in the standard Bridge system. The course builder is simple and clean.

Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. When you get the package with perform, you are able to plan and coordinate one-on-ones with your supervisor and sent agendas.

Hello Ron, Thank you for your review of Bridge! Pros What I like most about Bridge is that you can create courses for staff, students, etc. Robust platform with unlimited data storage and ease of scale, easy to use software both on the creation and development side and learner side along with robust reporting. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. The Best Simulation Software for bridge is discussed at length in this thread, originally started on Bridgewinners.

There's no rhyme or reason to my partner bids. Cons The editor for text is very basic - there are not many features built into the system. The brand new bridge app to practice your bidding and work on your partnership.

Contract Bridge X

Response from the staff at Bridge was quick and every question was answered to our satisfaction. Pros I like that we can author directly into Bridge. You can submit product feature requests, access free trainings, and connect with other Bridge users. It would be pretty cool to learn new job skills via Bridge and get a digital badge as a reward that can be displayed to managers and peers alike. Bridge is a great lms system and is very user friendly.

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