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They are really hard to kill and you don't have that much ammunition at your disposal unless you really enjoy looting with the item esp. Join https and create and create a new account in our new forum so you can have access to the news, announcements, updates, store and many more. An aimbot is a time-saving, ammo-saving hack that automatically acquires targets for you.

That's not worth it and certainly not for the price. Scam dosent work and way to expensive. Into the third dimension, for starters. This tool lets you see every player on the map, whether they are visible or not. Is pretty obvious that you are wall hacking if you just aim at them thro the wall.


In order to help support real soldiers, Activision created the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping veterans. Yes, we do accept Paypal but only with some specific conditions. Im interested to buy the Hack. If you wish to save your current savings, you can do so by clicking Save so you can load these settings the next time you open the game.

The color of the enemy will be changed when he is visible to you and aimbot will also refuse to aimlock on an enemy unless he is visible. Members Current visitors New profile posts.

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Spread removal takes a spray of bullets and sends them in a single line so that every shot hits the same point. When the toll has acquired a target, you will see a red crosshair along with the name of your enemy. CabCon Head Administrator Staff member. This is the only private cheat available in the market and there is no one that can rival us right now. Yes please accept mine as well i like to buy a hack key as well.

Killer Battlefield 4 Cheats Aimbot

Murderdeathkill Known Member. This feature gives you all the information you need about your opponents, while they remain in the dark. Press Insert to open the in-game menu after. CabConModding is now on facebook!

Check the latest Updates, the Site Status and much more now! No one has been banned yet.

At the beginning of the round, add players to the Friends List and the aimbot will ignore them. What's new Latest posts New profile posts Latest activity. The Cheat works absolutely smooth. Configurable team colors help you tell your friends from your enemies. Grab our private cheat while it's hot.

Can you accept my discord I am interested in buying. You can risk permanent death while potentially changing the course of the Cold War itself. We work very hard to provide our customers with the best experience.

The tool can even be set for visible targets only, or include nonvisible targets. If you are interested in Dragon, check it out. Everyone loves zombies, right? Keep checking our website for news and be ready to hack the game with Dragon as we have big expectations that the public experiment will be a success.

Windowed mode is needed because it is an external hack but that is what makes it so safe. You can limit the aim vectors to only acquire targets in a certain horizontal range, perfect for defending doorways and other narrow areas. We have already got the necessary support to finish the development of the cheat. There is no auto-update for Dragon, but we will upload new loader on our website for the customers.

For all the people saying it doesnt work. Know whether that chopper, plane, or turret is worth taking. When The zombies start to show up, the aimbot will do its job, and they will be automatically targeted and shoot at.

Spare friendly players, gank opponents. Anyways this is pure junk for the price. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Most of the best players already use hacks and cheats to increase their killstreaks and work their way up the leaderboards.

Keeping track of your crosshair can be a problem for some players, especially when things are exploding and crashing all around you. Send you an request on Discord. Enable Zombies feature in order to be wary and run away without getting killed in the players solo campaign.

Some of the action in Black Ops also takes place during the war in Vietnam. Alter the maximum distance to keep the aimbot from acquiring targets that are too far away, and specify the critical distance to give some targets priority over others.


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Recoil and bullet spread are your number one enemies when making a shot. You can still have a desirable experience by being able to see where the enemies are, what items you are looking for and want to know exactly where the items are located at. You can always come back to me and talk to me for support, I give installation help via TeamViewer and I also stress the systems requirements. How do you avoid taking out your allies while achieving maximum pwnage?

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Long story short, you will not have to pay this fee anymore in case we will release another private cheat sometime soon but this is not the only reason you must pay this fee. Use snap lines to draw a straight line from your position to theirs. Change the color to something that contrasts with the current map, or compensate for sight issues like colorblindness. Change the size and structure of the crosshair to keep it out of your way, or make it super-visible depending on your needs. Some players find it fun to think of new and unconventional ways to eliminate enemies, and most of these involve creeping up behind unsuspecting opponents.

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The auto-switch target toggle lets you move effortlessly from target to target, and you can also switch to acquiring only visible targets. Just take a look and you will find your self-immersed with the number of options you can set and toy with. Create-a-Class is back, but supposedly a bit different. Take out snipers, avoid ambushes, and know what the enemy is planning as soon as you spawn.

This aimbot also includes an auto fire option that will automatically shoot a target as soon as it has been acquired. So where will the newest installment of Call of Duty take you? Spend some time playing with the different hacks and get everything set up the way you like it, then automatically load those settings the next time you play. This is the ninth game in the Call of Duty franchise, handbook of electrical engineering calculations and the first to bring futuristic warfare technology to the table. The original Call of Duty received critical acclaim and spawned two sequels set in the same time period.

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The prices will be very reasonable for our next project and if this is not the kind of cheat you are looking for, then stay tuned in our community and wait for news to come. Developer Treyarch has also let the world know that the zombies will be invading the multiplayer modes.