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Are we at war with Russia now, sir? The story of how Solomon used power-hungry men like Al-Bashir and Kaffarov to set fire to the world. Just straight to the playing. Fighting his way through armed men to the engine, he is detained and held at gunpoint by their leader.

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In the epilogue, it is revealed that Dima had survived the Paris detonation, albeit suffering radiation poisoning from the blast. Operation Swordbreaker, Iraqi Kurdistan. The guy from Al-Bashir's phone, an arms dealer. We can avert war between our nations.

Blackburn pursues Solomon through the sewers and up to street level. As you went in, she took part in an airstike on Al-Bashir. The game includes both a single player campaign which centers around four different characters including a U.

When ambushed by Solomon, Blackburn gains the upper hand by obtaining and activating the detonator to the charges, causing the train to crash. With no other options, Blackburn and surviving squad member Montes break out of captivity to stop the attack in New York. We need to secure the nuke and move. The Campaign puts the player in control of four different player characters.

Henry Blackburn, is held in an interrogation room in Hunters Point, where he is questioned by two C. Sir, what the hell's going on?

Just two soldiers speaking the truth. The Support class focuses on light machine guns and supplying ammunition.

There are now thirty different multiplayer maps available. It features both a full single player storyline and competitive multiplayer modes. He's going to detonate the New York device in Times Square very soon.

Black, am I glad to see you. Eighteen hours ago, I get a call from Homeland Security saying there is a Marine in detention that I need to talk to. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Battlefield 3

Future Publishing Limited. Blackburn begins to tell his story of how he first heard of Solomon and the events that led him to his current situation. You don't shoot him, millions will die.

Knocked out and taken prisoner, Miller is promptly executed by Solomon and Al-Bashir, with the event being filmed and posted on the Internet. To access the game's online multiplayer mode on consoles, players need to activate an online pass.

Perhaps I will die tomorrow. We've got maps of Paris, New York. The maps cover urban streets, metropolitan downtown areas, and open landscapes suited to vehicle combat. The Engineer class focuses on supporting and destroying vehicles.

Later, Misfit manages to capture Al-Bashir, who becomes fatally wounded when they cause his escape vehicle to crash. Blackburn, fellow squadmate Montes, and other survivors fight their way out of the ruins of the city. He's using public transit to move the weapons. Kaffarov tries to bribe his way out, but Dima beats him up nonetheless.

Haven't you been listening to anything I've been saying? Prima Official Game Guides. They instead believe that Russia is responsible for the attacks, and that Dima has tricked Blackburn. The campaign takes place in various locations and follows the stories of two characters, Henry Blackburn and Dimitri Mayakovsky.


Multiplayer - Battlelog / Battlefield 3

The game includes new features such as more destructible environments and mountable weaponry as well as some popular features from previous titles. He works his way to the front car, where he is ambushed by Solomon. And the American marine who, like me, chose the hardest path of all. This piece of shit right there stole three nuclear devices from Russia, and sold it to a man called Solomon. No splash screens, no menus.

Fully destructible environment Full single-player campaign - first for the Battlefield series. Tell me about your interaction with Lieutenant Colby Hawkins. Full Vehicle warfare with players controlling land, contemporary brush font sea and air vehicles.