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Top anchors among backlinks. No wonder backlinks from related domains tend to receive less weight than presumably unrelated backlinks originating from different servers.

Shows the cumulative growth or decline in referring pages over time. You can see how many anchor texts are used in dofollow backlinks to the analyzed website. With convenient dashboards and easy-to-understand graphs and diagrams. Backlinks from independent domains generally get more trust from search engines. Analyze the data you care about, and nothing else.

Ahrefs shows you the complete picture of followed vs nofollowed links for any target. Check backlinks with WebMeUp tool, and find more links than anywhere else. See every page linking to your target in the detailed Backlinks report. If several domains share the same server, it very often means that they belong to the same person or company. Vanarp Athem, read a review on Medium.

Jithender Reddy, read the review. If backlink domains are hosted on different servers, they are considered unrelated to each other. Suits freelance marketers and solopreneurs. This is the freshest backlink database available to public. See estimated organic traffic to the linking website.

LinkAssistant great job on making this a better tool! There's a lot of work ahead. And some of it filled our backlog with great and innovative ideas we can't wait to bring to life. All your backlinks in one place Having a powerful backlink research tool at hand is cool. Vincenzo Chiaravalle, PixelAngry.

Dofollow backlink domains. You can check out the pricing plans here.

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And the size of the index has already exceeded our highest expectations! And now we're ready to move on. We're offering the most affordable pricing plans for link search and evaluation. Use powerful filters to dive deeper.

And we will be able to show more links for such sites than other backlink checkers. Backlink domains dofollow domain. Backlink tool Customer Support. The first three groups of digits are known as the C-block or subnet.

No contracts, snowgoons black snow album no hidden charges. Websites hosted on the same server share the same subnet. The most affordable price. Links distribution by country. Backlinks report Referring domains report See estimated organic traffic to the linking page.

But having one place to merge all the backlink data you have from different sources is priceless. The most up-to-date index. So we made the tools faster and more intuitive.

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Oyekunle Damola, oyekunledamola. Isn't it you who needs to care about getting more links every day? For site owners, small businesses, bloggers, and non-client work.

Shows a non-cumulative view of new and lost backlinks over time. The top country is where most backlink domains are hosted. Details for each backlink are provided in a table. But search engines will only count your first link on a page. Ryan Reister, ryanreister.

Besides, the smart crawling algo checks more important and dynamic pages more often, so some pages can even be recrawled and links updated every day. Shows a non-cumulative view of new and lost referring domains over time. Top anchors among linking domains.

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See a full breakdown of the anchor texts used across all outlinks. Get awesome insights into the popularity of the linking web page and website with organic traffic estimates. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription anytime.