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The only active person is the Parthian king, implying that everything else is divinely desired and ordained. This hairstyle also marks this statue out as Augustus from comparison with his portrait on his coinage, which can also give a date to it. And this statue of Augustus is definitely a good example of a piece of material culture that was used as part of a social strategy. There were a number of reasons for that. So this was a major victory for Augustus to have done something that another Roman ruler died trying to do.

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Adams continues to talk about how the statue just by itself represents a self-confident, dominating, and above all youthful figure. The stance of the two statues by looking at their feet are the same. As stated earlier the head is idealized, focusing on the eyes giving it a sort of inspired look similar to the Alexander the Great statue. He was dedicated to the people who shared it as well. His pointing hand is not balled into a fist but rather slightly opened and relaxed as if he were making a friendly and calm gesture.

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Sculpted in the period of Imperial Rome the style of the sculpture is not unlike other statues of the time. He emerged victorious after a bloody civil war, and was appointed dictator. In times of crisis, a dictator would be appointed to bring order to chaos. Although, I predict that few images can compare to the execution of this marble sculpture. He was dedicated to the country he called home.

This could be a perfect model for a near perfect ruler. First off, I will start with a formal analysis of the object. Update On Twitter, user e-pe-me-ri pointed out this article that suggests the soldier represents Roma, the personification of the city of Rome.

Powerful enough to destroy empires and take their lands, Augustus certainly had the respect to have such a statue made of him and placed in the city for all to see. As I stated earlier, dating parents kids this Augustus of Prima Porta statue is most likely a copy of the original.

Examining the statue itself, its various figurative elements, and indeed the location where it was found give us a glimpse into the many possible uses and meanings of ancient Roman art. To restore the Roman standard is plenty a reason to have a statue made for your savior and put into the middle of town. His propaganda goals aim to display the authority of the Roman emperors through conventional styles and stories of the culture. Following each conquest, the Roman brought back large amount of Greek art.

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Augustus of Prima Porta – Ancient Art

This statue, probably made after his death, would have been intended to be seen only in private, by people who understood the new reality of the Roman Empire and the importance of restraint. Stokstad does describe cupid different then Adams does. The scene on the cuirass And speaking about military accomplishments, the scene on the cuirass deserves to be examined in closer detail.

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Augustus accomplished things before he was twenty-five years old to which other ruler could not grasp in their lifetime. The last citation was the primary historical document. Perhaps if Doryphoros had armor or at least some clothing on, he would look almost identical to Augustus of Primaporta.

Some may look at Augustus of Primaporta and say that it has a Polykleitan look or a Polykleitan style. Well, it was large enough that there were several monuments made for him like Augustus of Primaporta which is the particular work of focus for this discussion.

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