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In December, Jal received a special award by Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in recognition of their support and efforts to raise funds for fighting cancer in Pakistan. In his fan base, there are a lot of female fans and they are crazy for him.

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Even they love to do commercial shows in several places like club, party. Atif Aslam songs download generation and his genesis if comes from this country. He did not go any institute to learn music. And later he moves the place and was admitted to St. Even he was going to participate in the reality competition.

At the beginning time, he was doing a lot of stage show, club, and college program. That was the beginning time when they did open the band Jal.

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When a singer with both of good singing skill and perfect voice, then people must go to accepting him. Both movies were released on Pakistan and getting people acceptance. Similar concerts across various top colleges keep taking place. Wazirabad, Punjab, Pakistan. Alternative rock pop rock pop.

Atif Aslam is such a singer, who have both of them. By the part of music and singing, he is a stylish person. He does not work for the music or movies but also albums.

Thus, the dispute ended between the two musicians. He gets the things a lot from the place of the stage.

Even Atif Aslam songs was a most uses search team on YouTube last year. Aadat combined awards with Atif Aslam. On personal life, he was not too much serious about an affair without marriage. Lamhay, Jal's single from their debut studio album, Aadat. His family was Muslim and he was growing up in Lahore.

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At the movie of bol, there was a song, Ho Na tha peyar, what was also become too much famous. Origin of the singer is from Pakistan. Just because they are passionate they were to a senior musician to get musical knowledge. Unlike Fawad, critics found his acting weaker than his vocals. This article is about the band.

For a list of Jal's upcoming concerts one can refer to their. The mixing and engineering of the album was done by Mekaal Hasan and Goher Mumtaz. Songs there like o mere Khuda, aa Bhi Ja Sanam was singing by him. His mother name is Rehana Shaheen.

Problems playing this file? Life took a U-turn and not he is one of the most demanding singers in the whole universe. In return, Gibson will sponsor the varied endeavours of the band and also provide concert halls and equipment as and when required.

As a result, he is a most demanding singer now a day. When he was the student he was going for a meet with well-known Pakistani music composer Goher Mumtaz. Musical groups established in Pakistani musical trios Pakistani musical groups Pakistani rock music groups Musical groups from Lahore establishments in Pakistan. And then the band start to move forward day by day.

He is such a good actor and there he acted in various famous movies like Bol and Doorie Sahi Jaaye Na. He was the person who has work with a lot of Bollywood established singers and musicians. From the early time, their passion helps to teach them music.

Lamhay Lamhay, Jal's single from their debut studio album, Aadat. More than Hundreds of Atif Aslam hit songs are available everywhere. There was a such number of Atif super hit songs like Ehsas and Bheegi Yaadein what was making a huge public hype there.

The single was a major hit all over Pakistan, topping all of the charts in the country, just after a month of its release. Even he become loved with Atif voice and he knows one-day peoples demand will be Download Atif Aslam songs video from an internet source.

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Furthermore, Jal will act as brand ambassadors to Gibson. Basic comes from the Pakistani Sufi and kawal songs. This was followed by a live tour, mainly in South Asia, with concerts all over Pakistan, and a few places in India.

The name suggests that we as a band are just like a small droplet of water in the sea of music, which covers Pakistan, Asia and the entire world where our music is heard. As an artist, there is nothing best achievement without loves of fans. According to the birth, he was a Pakistani. First movie project was zeher and there all songs were successfully done by him. The song top all the music charts in few days after it released.

Jal Pari (Best Of Coke Studio) - Atif Aslam

Following this, Jal also became the brand ambassadors for the Abu Dhabi based mobile telecommunication company, Warid Telecom. Jal has been invited by the colleges of Pakistan and India as well to perform in the fests. At the very early time of his career, he was passionate about cricket. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When they visit Mumtaz, he blessed them with a thing that, the band will be one of a great band in Asia.

Free Download Jal Pari.mp3

Atif Aslam Bollywood Singer Hits. The Atif Aslam songs list is not able to measure his skill. This led to a dispute between Atif and Jal about who owned the rights to the songs as Goher took the dispute to court. His father name is Muhammad Aslam. All songs on the album were composed and written by Goher Mumtaz with the exception of one track, hollywood movie 2013 hindi dubbed hd which is written by Farhan Saeed and the album was produced by Mekaal Hasan.

Besides the singing, he has acted on movie and modeling for several brands also. And finally, he completes his computer science.