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Last week, I wrote a post on things you might not know about the BlackBerry Torch. Al resides in Boston and is a passionate reader, traveler, beer lover and Red Sox fan. Another is that the onscreen key labels are smaller on the BlackBerry than on the iPhone, even though the keyboards are the same width. The Favorites section is handy, but the Applications folder is a level down, so getting to it is more work. But the Torch is probably the best slider available on the market today, despite its software woes.

Google Maps Google Maps for BlackBerry is a treasure trove of valuable features and information packed into a single mobile app. Download Google Voice via BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry has improved its app management somewhat, but the lack of a desktop client for App World and the lack of Mac integration are real negatives. To add insult to injury, there's no desktop version of the App World store to peruse available options, wapking aashiqui 2 songs as there is with the iPhone's iTunes. Google Maps for BlackBerry is a treasure trove of valuable features and information packed into a single mobile app.

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Screen shots for this slide show were taken using Capture It. Text selection and copying. Here are the latest Insider stories. However, some fields, like Search, don't let you move the text cursor to a specific point. Foursquare for BlackBerry.

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But then you get a framing window that displays several characters and highlights one of them. But I was able to find a handful of great apps that are available. The level of disclaimer is unreal, and you're left with a strong sense that you shouldn't be installing any apps. Its key labels are tiny, but the backlighting is quite readable in dark conditions. If you like the BlackBerry Bold's physical keyboard, you'll equally like the Torch's.

It could relate to the available application memory I have on my particular device. The iPhone's app management process is simpler. Download Google Maps via BlackBerry.

The iPhone's preview is nice and large. That slow downloading also made page refresh slower on the BlackBerry when scrolling.

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And that's simply not good. Check out these related slideshows. Now the boot-time is roughly the same on both devices, which is a letdown. Thank you Your message has been sent. All your contacts are transferred, wallpaper customized, your various e-mail addresses set up.

It may have to do with the processor. The Google Maps app that comes with the iPhone is much more capable and easier to use. The hardware is impressively solid. Besides offering a less cluttered search-interface, Google Mobile App lets you search by your location for nearby results. Check out the latest Insider stories here.

They're meant to quickly provide cell-phone users with additional information on a given subject, and they're really quite cool. On the BlackBerry Torch, you have to use the contextual menu accessed via the physical Menu button or by tapping and holding on the screen.

The BlackBerry Torch offers more functionality, but it's harder to use. If you don't like sliders, you're probably not going to like the BlackBerry Torch. And the BlackBerry frequently timed out in loading Web pages, while the iPhone did not. You've got your brand new BlackBerry Torch smartphone in hand.

To move your text cursor in most fields, you just tap. The result is highly off-putting. Simply snap a pic of the tag using the free app and you're golden. And it integrates with your BlackBerry's native address book for streamlined access to contacts. Hot Hardware but Software Lukewarm.

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Download Capture It via BlackBerry. Download Foursquare via BlackBerry. The BlackBerry has similar search capabilities, but no quick-jump touch elements. Downloading an app can also take a long time, and once they're installed, you get additional prompts for setup. Screen shots are saved to your BlackBerry Torch's picture library.

BlackBerry Torch 9800 support

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App stores and app installation. The iPhone leaves the numeral keyboard on till you switch back to the text keyboard.

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Tag Reader for BlackBerry.

Download Tag Reader via BlackBerry. You can also arrange and delete apps using iTunes on your desktop. But they're also useless if you don't have an app that can translate them into Web links, like Microsoft's free Tag Reader. And if you're brave enough to get past all the legalese and setup prompts, you often find you have to reboot your BlackBerry after installing an app. Turn it back on in-flight, and you're good to go.