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That is, of course, if your favorite celebrity isn't Jessa Duggar. According to the Duggars themselves, the eldest girls receive hundreds of questions each week from inquiring minds who want a Duggar's hot take on dating, boys, fashion, and even sex. It's a Duggar world, christian speed dating colorado and we're all just living in it.

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As the Duggars have undoubtedly learned by now, being headline news comes with a price. You can rest assured in the fact that you'll likely never miss an announcement of the latest additions to the family, as a Duggar pregnancy is almost always headline news. Her dad is the most intrusive wingman ever Instagram For most people trying to survive and thrive in the modern era of dating, texting and social media are double-edged swords. She's been called the Regina George of her family Instagram Listen, no one can be everyone's cup of tea.

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Whether they're enjoying a date in the clouds or skipping church in favor of brunch, we just can't get enough of these two. An example of this is a September Instagram post featuring a sharply-dressed Spurgeon Seewald sipping from a bottle. If you answered yes, you'll be happy to hear that you're not alone. Then again, maybe they're just so thrilled that their second-eldest son found someone that they're willing to turn a blind eye.

In a family the size of a small army, standing out is no easy task. Jessa experienced the brunt of this in upon giving birth to Spurgeon. Some people are simply destined for a life lived in front of the camera. Would there ever be a name more bizarre than Apple?

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Here's the untold truth behind one of reality television's most famous faces. However, when your life's most pivotal experiences unfold in front of millions of people each week, said people begin to feel that they're as much a part of your village. Well, we doubt they'll share if they do, but we wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Why did Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin name their daughter after a fruit? They've also reportedly been engaging in some pretty scandalous behavior.

Judging by the way Jessa handles those Instagram parenting experts, she probably isn't shedding any tears over her rumored reputation. However, this method seems to have worked in Jessa and Ben's favor. Instagram Looks like this apple didn't fall too far from the growing family tree. Of course, for those who prefer to give a more personal gift, the bride-to-be was nice enough to provide an Amazon wish list. Unless you're Oprah, it's inevitable that some people simply don't, or won't, like you all that much.

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The first time two people lock lips could make or break a relationship, so it's quite a risky move to save it until your wedding day. Because the Duggars don't date.

We don't have to look to far to see where Jessa get's her desire for a large family. So it's highly doubtful they did the deed on the plane, but they've apparently been breaking all sorts of other rules.

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Shortly after the release of their book, the girls did some promo for it by speaking with Cosmopolitan. Hey, maybe they'll even kiss before the wedding? So, why would a family notorious for steering clear of television programming then seek out opportunities to be television programming? However annoying it might have been, Jessa didn't let the haters get her down. In fact, Duggar pregnancies have become such a common event that People created a handy dandy guide to help any inquiring minds stay up-to-date on the expecting Duggars.

After a difficult delivery at home, the new mother was rushed to the hospital and required a blood transfusion and overnight stay. Well, you couldn't be more wrong!